What’s in my Bag: #2

This week, I thought I’d interest you with another cheeky, little peek inside my bag.  In my first What’s in My Bag post, I introduced the concept fully, but basically I’ve been carrying this bag for a couple weeks now and I have narrowed down my summer hand-bag essentials.

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I love the stone color of this bag.

First, I will start with the actual bag.  This is a Kate Spade Looloo bag. (What a cute name for a bag haha) I’ve been sizing down from my large Calvin and this is just the absolute perfect size.  I can fit just the essentials and this keeps me from throwing in other things I don’t actually need.  Also, the micro bag is the hottest bag trend right now, so think small!  

I think the circular pattern on the front of this bag is also pretty lovely.  It adds just the right amount of visual interest to such a little bag.

Kate Spade makes the most adorable bags.  They always have a gorgeous lining and thoughtful design.  I’m a big fan of her purses.

Next up are a couple essentials that I think every purse, no matter how small, should contain.  My two essentials are tissues, I chose this convenient kleenex pouch because it’s perfect for my small bag, and hand sanitizer.  You never know when you might get yourself in a sticky situation haha. This one is a mint scented one from Bath & BodyWorks.

Next is my little coin purse which I’ve been keeping all my cards and a little bit of cash in.  This one is a Radley coin purse, with Radley’s signature little dog on it. I love the pastel pink color.  Also these are two of my go-to lipsticks, Revlon Mink, & Rimmel Get Naked (below).

Processed with VSCO with hb1 preset
[Sunglasses: Brightside, Lipstick: Revlon Get Naked]
Last but certainly not least are these amazing sunnies from Brightside Eyewear.  They have an array of classic, quality sunglasses for both men and women.  They come with a beautiful leather case to keep the sunglasses safe too!  I’ve been wearing these nearly everyday this month as they go with nearly every outfit.  Plus, they make me look way too cool.

Thank you all some much for reading this post and I hope you enjoyed it! I am thinking about starting to post a couple times a week rather than just once, especially since I have more time in the summer. What do you think? Would you like to see more?

Anyway follow me on Instagram so I can connect and get to know more of you! I love you all and I will hopefully see your lovely faces here on the blog again soon!

Georgie xo

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