What’s in My Bag

“Georgie, what’s in your bag?!”

IMG_0963 copy

As requested, I thought I’d share what’s in my bag this week.  As you know, this bag is big enough to carry a baby elephant, so I can easily throw a lot of stuff in it.  At times, it can become quite heavy with who knows what. It’s time I dive in, dig around, and discover what’s inside.

My bag itself, which first debuted in my post about style uniforms, is a Calvin Klein.  I picked it out as one of my Christmas prezzies from my parents.  I got the poof from a local boutique called Hipsway.  If you’re interested, but not in the area, they have a great instagram and are always willing to sell and ship items.

FullSizeRender-1 copy

First up, I have been wearing these two lipsticks a lot lately.  The one on the left is Revlon Mink.  It is very similar to MAC Teddy, but it’s just a tiny bit darker on the lip which I prefer.  The other is the Rimmel Moisture Renew Tower of Mauve.  Normally, I’m more of a matte gal, but this lipstick color is too amazing.  This color is the perfect in-between of a brown and a pink lipstick.  I think this color looks the best on me out of all my lipsticks and it was only like $4!

Next are my trusty, Ann Taylor LOFT sunglasses.  These are so great and I got them on sale for $15!  I loved the mauve lens color and the matching clear rims.  They are also polarized so that means more protection from harmful rays.  The great thing about Ann Taylor sunglasses, is that you get a free case for the sunglasses when you purchase them! This is so perfect, especially when you have a purse full of things just waiting to scratch your new sunnies.

FullSizeRender copy

When I next reached into my ‘Hermione bag’ (Do you remember Hermione’s magical bag? My brother and I use this instead of ‘Mary Poppins bag’), I found my notebook.  This was from my Mom.  I use this as my blogging notebook, because it’s perfect size to carry around and I love the quote on the front!  I use this to just jot or sketch any ideas I have for an upcoming post or outfit.

Next are my crazy sunnies from Forever21.  I had been wanting some 70s style sunglasses for a while, but since they are just on trend at the moment, I decided not to splurge and found these at Forever21 for just $7.50!

Some essential gum and ear phones are always a necessity in my book.

IMG_1022 copy

Finally, I dove in to find my wallet.  I always choose the more stiff wallets so they can’t bulge out and fill up my whole bag.  Next, was my BabyLips, which is my go-to chapstick.  My favorite bracelet from my mom and my watch from the bf were in my bag just in case I needed some bling.

(Not pictured: a slew of crumpled receipts and some granola bar crumb…)

I’d love to hear what some of the strange or lovely things in your bag are, so comment below!  Also, if you haven’t already, follow me on Instagram if you want to be a it nosey and know what I’m up to!

Georgie xo

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