Summer Product Essentials

Hello everyone! I hope you’re all doing well. I thought I would give you guys a mid-week post about some of my favorite summer products.  These are some products that will help you survive the crazy humidity, beachy breezes, and sun-kissed skin.

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The first product is the perfect summer scent.  I find myself using certain perfumes at certain times of the year and this depends on what they smell like. For summer, I go for a lightweight floral or fruity scent. Zoella’s Mistful Blissful is light, flowery and everything a summer scent should be.

Now, I’ll tell you about some hair products that have been helping turn my wind-blown mess into beachy mermaid perfection.

The Surf’s Up Texture Spray by Eva NYC.  This spray gives you that ever-so-coveted beachy wave. I’m always looking for more volume in the summer when the heat weighs my hair down.  I’ve loved having this product to fight that and add texture.

Next up is a must for combating humidity-grown frizz.  Sometimes humidity can get the best of your gorgeous locks this time of year, but I find that a shine serum will usually do the trick.  I’ve chosen another Eva product, the Get Glossed Hair Serum.  This works wonders and gives my hair a much needed summer glow.  It also contains Argan oil and gives your hair up to 3x the strength with Keravis Protein. What more could you need?

Some other summer essentials are new summer nail polish shades.  Sugarloom has an awesome selection of vegan nail polishes made right here in the U.S.  I chose a lavender, called Macaroon (I may have picked it for the name haha) and also Frost.  They have an amazing color and I’ve been loving them so much!

One item that I find very important, not only in the summer but all year round, is a face moisturizer with a good amount of SPF.  I’m loving Garnier’s new Clearly Brighter moisturizer because of this.  I love its lightweight feel and it doesn’t leave my skin oily, which is sometimes a problem in the summer.  A lip balm with SPF is equally important so I use a Baby Lips with SPF.

Last but not least, a body lotion for that dry sun-kissed skin.  Again by Zoella, this has the same scent as the Mistful Blissful perfume so, the scent is light.  This lotion also has amazing moisturizing power.

I hope you guys agree with some of these summer product choices and let me know in the comments, what your summer essentials are! My next post will be up on Sunday so I hope to see you back here then! I love and appreciate all of you!

Georgie xo


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