Shades of Blue


Hello everyone! This week I thought I’d talk to you about my current color obsession.  The season has been all about the pastel colors.  I personally have absolutely fallen for pastel blue.  So in this post I thought I would walk you through my outfit and also how you can find the perfect color for you!

For this look, I decided to bring out the white mom jeans for a more summery feel.  I’ve really started enjoying my mom jeans because they’re a looser, brighter alternative to my usual black skinnies. I then added a pale blue cropped, sleeveless sweater.  I absolutely love the color and high neck of this top.  I added an optional jacket for a bit of texture.  Then I topped off the outfit with a pair of metallic, pointed flats and a structured bag in a different blue tone.


Wearing the right color can have huge benefits on your overall look.  It can make your eye color pop, make your skin and hair look healthier, and make you appear more awake and alert.  Having blonde hair and blue eyes always steers me in the direction of wearing blue tones.  I find that they really bring out the blue in my eyes, and it makes my hair and skin glow.

[Sunglasses: Ann Taylor, Jacket: HM, Top: F21, Mom Jeans: F21, Bag: Atmosphere, Shoes: Old Navy]
Finding out what color looks best on you, usually depends on three things: your skin tone, eye color, and hair color. When trying on clothes or outfits, try and keep a mental note of which colors you prefer on yourself.  I have a few possible combinations of skin, hair, and eyes and what color you should wear (obviously I couldn’t include all the beautiful variations that could apply).

Fair skin, blonde hair, blue eyes: blues or corally pinks

Fair skin, dark hair, brown eyes: red tones, purples, deep greens

Dark skin, Dark hair, brown eyes: royal blue, deep greens, yellows

Medium skin, medium brown or auburn hair, green/ hazel eyes: greens, oranges, reds


Remember not to limit yourself to these shades only.  This is just to help you know what looks the best on you, but playing with different colors is never a bad idea.  Also trying lots of different colors will help you find the right one for you, because I may not have listed that color, or your particular skin, hair and eye combination above.

Special thanks to my mom for taking these lovely photos, since Caylie, my usual (and amazing) photographer, is not with me for the summer. 😦


Thank you guys for taking the time to read another blog post! It means the world to me! Comment below if you fit one of the above descriptions or if you break the rules.  I love to hear all your personal feedback! Remember to follow me on Instagram for other updates and exclusive photos! I’ll see you all back here next week, friends.

Georgie xo

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