Find Your Perfect Winter Cover-Up

So this week, since the temperature is finally dropping below 40F, I’ve decided to give you guys some solid options for choosing a coat this winter.  I have chosen four different styles,  all of which could help you get through the colder months in style.  (I also gave you guys some great other options for each of the coats, so follow the links under the images if you’re looking to find your perfect winter cover-up!)

[Jacket: H&M (find a similar one here), Turtleneck: Forever21, Sunglasses: Ann Taylor, Lipstick: Revlon Black Cherry]

The Bomber:

The first option is probably best for those less cool days in winter, but it is very much on trend at the moment.  I chose a more textured version than the classic satin-like bomber to add a bit more interest to my outfit.  The silhouette of a cropped bomber is very in style right now, whether it’s a classic bomber or a more unique one with texture or embroidery. It’s sporty and more laid back jacket that easily adds the cool factor to any outfit.  Throw this jacket on and your look is completely transformed.

[Coat: Forever21 Find a similar style here or here!]

The Textured Option:

This coat is all about texture (if you couldn’t already tell by the title I gave it lol).  Textured coats are very on trend right now, so if you can find a coat that’s fluffy, fuzzy, or  soft, you will be right on track with celebrities like Kendall Jenner & Gigi Hadid.  This textured style adds more visual interest to your overall look ant it’ll keep you super cozy! (Also people may mistake you for a teddy bear depending on how fluffy your coat is, so expect lots of hugs.)

[Coat: Julien MacDonald (You can get a similar and very stylish version here or here)]

The Classic Trench:

Because this coat is a classic style, I’ve been able to wear it for the past couple winters.  A peacoat or trench-style coat should be living in your closet if you want a coat that will last through the other ever-changing trends.  Because this is such a classic style, I did spend the most on this coat.  This coat is 100% wool and has held up very well the past few years. It’s also probably the thickest and keeps me the most warm. You should definitely think about investing in a classic piece like this.


[Coat: H&M (Find a similar one here or here)]

The Favorite Minimalist Coat:

This coat is my favorite at the moment, which most of you have probably noticed.  Since I wear a lot of black, the pale blue adds the perfect pop of color.  Also the blue is perfect to bring out the color of my eyes.  This silhouette is my favorite right now because it’s sleek and minimal.  The bright color perfectly contrasts the simple style of the coat. This coat makes any outfit look 10x more polished and it’s another throw-on-and-go. It’s easy, but looks amazing with nearly every outfit.

Thanks so much for reading, guys, and I hope this post will help you choose the perfect option for keeping warm this winter!

Georgie xo

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